Matt and the fleet of Pleasant Acres vehicles.  2012


An early Pleasant Acres business card.

"The seeds of Pleasant Acres were first planted while Matt McClay was an undergrad at Colby-Sawyer College in New London, N.H.  A local woman asked him to watch over her house during an absence, for a little money.  She eventually hired him to mow her lawn, and little by little McClay picked up more and more lawns to make extra money while in college."  - Brian A. Canning; Kearsarge Magazine Fall 2014. 


​New Hampshire

established 2001

Business students at Colby-Sawyer were required to complete an internship as part of their degrees, but McClay had a different idea: "I talked them into letting me start my own business, which they'd never done."  Given his side work, McClay opted to develop a landscape business for his project.  He composed a business plan, computer models, and all the hallmarks of good business building that Colby-Sawyer taught, and in 2001 the skeleton of Pleasant Acres was born."  - Brian A. Canning; Kearsarge Magazine Fall 2014.​​